Monday, February 23, 2015

What If Wednesday Meets Diva's Challenge

This week's Diva Challenge is to try using tools or materials you've never used before for tangling. Now, doesn't that just fit in the "what if" category? So...I had these pages in my inkblot journal.

It turned into one of those happy coincidences when I left it closed before it was totally dry. The head portion is where the pages stuck together. When I opened it, the surface of that part of the paper was torn away. It left a rough shape that I thought might cause feathering if I tried to do anything with it. So...I painted Gesso over it.
To me, it looked like a bird in flight and that is where I began. I did the beak, eyes and wing outline before I thought to take a before photo.

The Diva Challenge gave me the inspiration. "What if I tried tangling with paint and brush?" I used acrylic paint and a 00 size brush. It feels a bit unfinished but it makes me smile.

Tangles used: Flux, Leaflet, Finery, Meer