Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adding Value to Lives of Others

One of my dear aunts turned 87 recently and there are 3 more aunts with birthdays coming up soon. I have been lax in sending cards, even though I enjoy receiving them myself. It just seems to be an indication that your having been born made a difference in someone's life. So, I decided to be dedicated, starting now, in sending out cards to those who I want to let know that they made a difference in my life. It is one way of adding value to the lives of others. So, here is my aunt's card. The rose is from Helen Williams at A Little Lime.

Tangles: Pressed Wood, Slalom, Parasail-z, Echoism variation

People often ask me what I do with completed Zentangle tiles? I have to admit, I have a box full of them. Going through them reminds me of tangles I've loved and forgotten and even what was going on in my life when I did them. I guess that way, I add value to my life. But I do participate in Random Acts of Zentangle (RAZ). And that adds value to strangers. You can check out the Facebook group to find out what others are doing with their RAZ's.

Here is one that I left at a popular restaurant. After a quick trip to the restroom, I noticed it in the hand of one of the workers. I hope it added value to her day.

I've also started posting digital cards with birthday greetings to some of my long distance friends.

I recently read that we each have about 250 people that we know personally. If that's the case, we have 250 value adding opportunities. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find ways to do that. Sometimes we don't know the results. Most of the time it's in the act that we find value for ourselves.