Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Community Tangle

I decided to return to my community photos this week and got a bit excited about a new tangle that emerged for me last February from this bell tower at our local university branch campus. Here are the photos.

Here's the tangle on a tile. It seems to have some depth without shading.

Here is the step out:

For now, I am calling it Bell Tower. I'm open to suggestions.

Three hints for creating this tangle: First, think S curve when doing the bell shape. Second, mirroring is good to keep in mind in many tangles. It is simply making a stroke near another as if holding a mirror to the first stroke and drawing what is in the mirror. Keeping that in mind helps with the shaping and placement of the S curves. Also, turning your tile helps with the mirroring in this one. Third, when starting and ending the S curve, trace the line you are starting the stroke on as you begin and the one you are ending on as you finish the stroke. Rick Roberts explains this as thinking of a plane taking off and landing on an airstrip.

I love the challenge that comes in creating variations on a tangle. So, here are a few. I especially like what happens when the straight lines are made curvy.


  1. I like it. Has a lot of possibilities. Like the monotangle.

  2. I like this tangle, it has lots of possibilities.