Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tangled Play with Wengz

Here is another one of my community tangles. It came from the trim above the windows in this building.

I have to admit that I am not feeling very creative when it comes to naming my tangles. So I've named this one Wengz, a play on the word wings, because the triangles on the sides remind me of wings.

It's fairly simple:

I played "what if" with Wengz. I think this play is part of the fun of tangling. It's a mind game with endless possibilities. Welcome to my playground:

What if I filled the Wengz with tangles?

What if I drew Wengz unattached?

What if I would string Wengz differently?

What if I tangled between the Wengz?

What else could I do?

 And, imagine how much difference a little shading would make!

Health tip: Holiday festivities shouldn't be an excuse to overeat. If we focus on people and conversation, the food becomes secondary.


  1. I have been having great fun playing with this pattern - your ideas are a wonderful jumping off point - such a simple but effective pattern! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jakki. I'm happy to share and even happier to know you had fun with it.

  2. I just saw this Wengz tangle this morning...I love it!

    1. Thanks Barbara. Glad you like it. Hope you have fun with it.